Meditation Furthers

On Saturday, I had an incredible experience with Jessica Zerr, an intuitive body worker and yoga teacher. It is really hard to describe what a bodywork session with Jessica is like. Once we introduced her to a lot of friends, it became very difficult to get an appointment with her. Everyone liked her and many continue to see her.

Jessica Z

Jessica Zerr

That morning, she was very talkative and asked me to recount the positive experiences of my college days. I told her about getting an A in organic chemistry as a sophomore at Washington University. She thought this was a major accomplishment.

I then thought of two events at Purdue University unrelated to Chemical Engineering or Physics that made the school papers. The first was when I entered a simultaneous chess event with Grandmaster Samuel Reshevsky and played him to a draw. The other event was hosting Charles Goren and being his partner in a duplicate bridge tournament sponsored by the University, which we won.

Then I recalled the three most significant events of my college career. None of them had anything to do with college or my studies. It was the summer between freshman and sophomore years and I fell in love. When the girl I was dating wanted to break up, I was heartbroken and decided not to return to Purdue in hopes of winning her back. I attended Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri instead.

During that period, I had three very powerful spiritual experiences that have shaped my life since then. They opened me up to a new way of seeing things. They showed me the way to happiness and bliss – being in the present moment. I have written about these experiences elsewhere.

I think her next question was what insights I had about “the road not taken” with my cancer treatment. Just about every doctor I spoke to told me to remove my bladder!

I said, “Meditation furthers! Meditation develops mindfulness, concentration, and insight and leads to a strong intuition about what is right for you.”

Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha Thangka at Pine Street Clinic

Who is to say what the magical combination of meditation; healing circles: prayers; guided imagery including the Medicine Buddha CD so kindly given to me by Karen; consultations, Chinese herbs and supplements with and from Michael Broffman; many sessions with Jessica Zerr; acupuncture with Marty Rossman; exercise, including walking, Arica gym, and restorative yoga; homeopathic remedies; and hours of research into cancer cures on the internet contributed to my healing? Maybe it was the chemo that did it? Maybe not! Who is to say.

All of these point to the workings of the 7 Principles of Mindfulness in Healing, the title of my next book.

In the meantime, don’t you want to read Stop Cancer in its Tracks?

Stop Cancer In Its Tracks

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  • practice mindful meditation like you want
  • be your own advocate for your treatment plan
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Stop Cancer In Its Tracks

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