Meditation Is The Stream Of Life

Gary Snyder, in “Just One Breath,” shows us how meditation is the stream of life.

His words, repeated here, are the weekly words of wisdom chosen by Lama Surya Das for this week.

When we become one with the stream of life, we feel the flow of peace and tranquility. We recognize our interbeing with all life and know that there is no birth and no death.

“Meditation is not just a rest or retreat from the turmoil of the stream or the impurity of the world.

It is a way of being the stream, so that one can be at home in both the white water and the eddies.

Meditation may take one out of the world, but it also puts one totally into it.”

— Gary Snyder, “Just One Breath”

These teachings about the stream of life are intimately connected with being in the present moment and taking life just as it is.

The stream doesn’t think about how fast it is going or how full it is.


Ol’ man river,
Dat ol’ man river
He mus’know sumpin’
But don’t say nuthin’,
He jes’keeps rollin’
He keeps on rollin’ along.

Life, also “keeps on rollin’ along!”

Please share your thoughts an feelings about the stream of life.

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