Meditation Practices for Anxiety

One of the major types of complaints we hear about daily are anxiety attacks. Or, at least people are experiencing a lot of anxiety.

Nara BuddhaMeditation practices for anxiety can have a calming influence on our lives.

We can regain our composure and learn to drop the anxious feelings.

In reality, taking time for ourselves away from our problems really helps.

If you are feeling a lot of anxiety, you might consider taking a little walk or just looking at something beautiful.

It doesn’t matter when or where anxiety strikes, there is relief in sight. Please take a look at these four relaxation techniques for anxiety management.

Meditation Practices for Anxiety

  • Deep Controlled Breathing
  • Stop – Think – Proceed
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety
  • Meditation

Let’s look at these one by one.

Deep Controlled Breathing Technique

This is a simple method and any therapist will swear by it. It is not only easy but also has a calming effect on the body and mind which can be felt in a few seconds. Deep slow breathing is actually Diaphragmatic Breathing. Here, the diaphragm is expanded and contracted in slow motion to control breathing. …

This meditation practice for anxiety relief has been taught for millennium. The yogis of old taught that diaphragmatic breathing was best for daily life. We have forgotten how to utilized it to reduce our anxiety.

Stop – Think – Proceed

The idea behind this is to tell yourself to take a break from doing any activity which causes anxiety in you. This is also the easiest of the relaxation techniques for anxiety control. Stop the activity that generates stress which builds up into anxiety. …

This is an excellent choice when you are stuck at work. This ties in with taking a walk or looking at something beautiful.

We often teach people who come to Mindfulness in Healing to notice something really beautiful in there lives each day until they return to our group. People who have done this find excellent results.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique requires that you concentrate on your body and work to relax your muscles one by one. …

Deep relaxation is the gateway to understanding ourselves. Many people have found this to be especially helpful.


You need to learn to meditate. But once you have mastered it, you will be able to keep anxiety at bay. People who meditate are able to leash their thoughts and concentrate on one task alone. While meditating, you cut off most of the sensors of your body. More…

There are so many different meditation practices that reduce anxiety that we can’t go into them all here. However, you probably can learn a lot from 9 Minute Meditation.

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In the 9 Minute Meditation course, you will learn 12 different meditation practices for anxiety and stress reduction.

You will also have access to a series of guided meditation audio recordings which guide you step-by-step.

You will not be overwhelmed with too much material at one time. You can gently come up to speed.

The course will cover three of the four techniques mentioned in this post in great detail.

Do you see the benefits of meditation for anxiety relief? Do you know someone who could be helped with meditation practices for anxiety? Please share the information in this post with them.

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