Mindfulness Based Healing

As you know, one of the major themes of this website is mindfulness based healing. This means bringing all the tools of mindfulness meditation to the healing process, becoming your own medical advocate, and taking charge of your medical experience.

Whether you are healing from cancer, a physical injury, or an emotional upheaval in your life, mindfulness based healing practices can speed your recovery.

Project Heal Yourself

Project Heal Yourself from Mindvalley


Many of these practices are related to what people call alternative medicine, collaborative medicine, natural medicine, adjunctive medicine, mind-body medicine, and many other names.

These include, in addition to mindfulness practices, acupuncture, breathing, support groups, shamanistic healing, reiki, laying on of the hands, naturopathy,  tai chi, qi gong, massage, art therapy, dance therapy, guided meditation and guided imagery, visualization, Feldenkrais, and the list goes on!

In my book, Stop Cancer In Its Tracks: Healthy Cells Grow All By Themselves. I describe all of the alternative medicine treatments I participated in and all the healers I’ve been touched by during my recovery from bladder cancer which appeared on Super Bowl Sunday, 1997.

I am extremely grateful to all my healers and dedicate this post to honor their contributions to my healing and the many other people they have helped.

Mindfulness based healing has been scientifically proven to work well according to the following studies from the United States National Library of Medicine:

1A large-scale meta-analysis reveals that Mindfulness-Based Interventions are superior to standard treatment for people with depressive symptoms1

2A 30-years study conclusively shows evidence for positive correlation of psychological stress when it comes to your immune system.

3Another study shows significantly lower physical exhaustion and mental fatigue among medical student who take up mind body medicine.

4Studies conducted with experienced meditators show increased cortical thickness, suggesting that mind medicine like meditation can actually grow your brain.

5And in another more important study, scientists demonstrate that a comprehensive mind-body medicine program can actually alter the genetic expression of specific genes related to prostate cancer.

Then we have the effects of the placebo effect… That’s proof positive that the body is by itself is equipped to fix broken tissues, eliminate cancer cells, fight infectious viruses, and even stop aging.

That’s how powerful mind-body medicine is.

That’s why we handpicked for you, 14 of the world’s top healing experts and asked them the questions you should be asking. And you can get all the answers now in ONE place.

Interesting? [Read More…]

Introducing Project Heal Yourself

Project Heal Yourself: An In-depth Series of Classes That Coaches You on Alternative Healing Techniques to Help You Dramatically Increase Your Lifespan, Reduce Recurring Illnesses and Significantly Lower Your Medical Bills — Starting Today

Project Heal YourselfThe 14 presenters and their topics are:

  1. Lee Holden on Qigong
  2. Donna Eden2 on Energy Healing
  3. Christie Marie Sheldon on Self Healing
  4. Jennifer McLean on Self Healing
  5. Carol Look on Tapping For Healing
  6. Nick Ortner on Tapping For Healing
  7. Morry Zelcovitch on Brainwave Entrainment
  8. Laura Silva on Mind Body Healing
  9. Carol Tuttle on Chakra Healing
  10. Dr. Fabrizio Mancini on Holistic Healing
  11. Bob Proctor on Holistic Healing
  12. Dr. Anna Cabeca on Sexual Healing
  13. Jon Gabriel on Healing For Weight Loss
  14. Rikka Zimmerman on Consciousness Healing

and don’t forget Dr. Jerome Freedman on Mindfulness in Healing (LOL)!

Seriously, Project Heal Yourself from Mindvalley is a tremendous value and I highly recommend it. I have all the recordings and workbooks and will be glad to answer any questions you have on the sessions.

If you count all the links on this page, you will come to realize that Project Heal Yourself has a lot in common with what I have already written about.

I surely hope you enjoy this program. There is a 90 day money back guarantee!

Send me a copy of your receipt for a surprise bonus!

1We reported on this in Mindfulness Meditation Can Give Patients Control Over Levels of Depression.

2I have been receiving Donna Eden’s newsletter for umteen years!

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