Mindfulness Breaks™ Really Work

I want to tell you that Mindfulness Breaks™ really work for me! I would like to mention three instances in my life where Mindfulness Breaks really helped me. You can actually read more about these on Meditation Practices and Mindfulness In Healing (websites).

  1. In 1973, just after my training at a retreat center in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, I used a Mindfulness Break to get a teaching job at the College of Marin, just north of San Francisco. I was living in Evanston, IL and had been teaching data processing at Oakton Community College in Morton Grove, IL (near Chicago). I wanted to be in California, where my son was and all the action.
  2. In May, 1976, my seven-year-old son presented with a kidney cancer which had metastasized to his lungs. When I learned that he was in the hospital, I cancelled my trip to Esalen with Gabrielle Roth and went right to the hospital. As soon as possible, I did a Mindfulness Break with my son (which became known as a Mind Story for little ones) and continued to do so until I hired Dr. Sheldon Ruderman to take over the imagery work with Micah. Every other night in the month long hospital stay, my girl friend at the time and I did a couple Mindfulness Break in his room.
  3. On Super Bowl Sunday in 1997, I presented with bladder cancer and opted for a bladder sparing protocol. Mindfulness Breaks, exercise, and other meditation practices got me through this first episode. I have now completed treatment of four additional episodes and I continue to use Mindfulness Breaks to look deeply into myself for the appropriate treatment and recovery. My last treatment was March 9, 2017, so this is an ongoing process.

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