Mindfulness Can Help Reduce Stress

Here is another excerpt from The Science of Consciousness in which Amishi Jha explains how mindfulness can help reduce stress.

She responds to Jon Kabat-Zinn‘s definition of mindfulness: “Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way on purpose in the present moment non-judgmentally.”

The first element of mindfulness in dealing with stress is the attention factor. Developing this skill would help stressed out people direct their attention to what they are feeling rather than their negative thoughts.

The second piece is the development of “meta-awareness” to know precisely where you are in the present moment and not be drifting off into useless thoughts, images, plans, and other mental distractions.

Stress has become a significant problem in our lives these days.

In fact, stress causes us to release cortisol in the triggering of the flight-or-fight response.

Mindfulness can help reduce stress by triggering the opposite – the relaxation response.

My guided meditation to reduce stress can really help.

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