How to Navigate this Crazy World

These words of wisdom on how to navigate this crazy world came to me today from Dr. Lissa Rankin from her The Daily Flame email. I think that this is an important one to share, especially because we have been discussing deep listening and loving speech in our Mindfulness in Healing sangha for the past couple of weeks.


In case you’re baffled by how to navigate this wild and crazy world, let me give you a few ground rules.

  1. Love with an open heart, without erecting walls. Give those you love permission to break your heart, because protecting your heart only gets in the way of real intimacy.
  2. Give generously to others, but not at the expense of nourishing your own soul.
  3. Trust expansively. You are SO unconditionally loved.
  4. Appreciate what you have, and give thanks every day for the blessings in your life.
  5. Refrain from judgment. Choose compassion instead. Choose kindness over righteousness.

‘Nuff said,

Your Inner Pilot Light

I would add a sixth element to this list:

6. Forgive yourself and forgive others.

I love this advice. It fits nicely into my own personal practice of gratitude, forgiveness, loving kindness and compassion. Combine this with mindfulness meditation on the breath and the five sense doors and you have a prescription for daily practice.

How will you embrace the six ways on how to navigate this crazy world?

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