Peace In The Middle East

israel-iranAn Israeli graphic designer, Ronny Edry, created a poster that promotes peace between Israel and Iran as well as peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

When I wrote Thich Nhat Hanh Retreat For Palestinians I knew nothing about Ronny Edry or this viral peace movement from Israel and Iran.

Ronny’s original poster appears on the left. He is shown with his daughter and a message of peace to the Iranians.

People all over Israel started creating their own posters with the same message to the Iranians.

Iranians all over the world responded with a similar message to the Israelis.

New posters were created by people from all over the world with the message, “Not ready to die for your war.”

Facebook communities have been set up using names like, “Iran Loves Israel & Palestine“, “Israel Loves Palestine“,  “Israel-Loves-Iran“. and “Palestine Loves Israel

I think this is truly amazing. This is a possible path to peace in the Middle East through grass roots movements in the countries involved.

I am Jewish on my parents’ side and recognize my Jewish roots. One of my daughters has a strong desire to live in Israel, so peace in the Middle East is very important to her and me for her safety.

The message is clear. People want peace and they are ready to stand up for it.

Please do your share to promote peace by sharing this video with your friends.

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