Radical Remission Course

I am very excited to tell you about Dr. Kelly Turner’s new course, RADICAL REMISSION: Applying the 9 Healing Factors Into Your Own Life.

This is the same course she teaches in her workshops and it will be available for purchase online on Friday, March 18.

As you may know, Dr. Turner gave my new book, Healing with the 7 Principles of Mindfulness: How to Thrive and Succeed in a Complex Cancer System an amazing review:

“Dr. Freedman speaks from experience, both as a cancer survivor himself, and the father of a Radical Remission cancer survivor. His book, “Healing with 7 Principles of Mindfulness” gives readers a nurturing, helping hand throughout the entire cancer journey, especially with regard to developing a meditation practice.”

-Kelly Turner, PhD, Author of the NYTimes Bestseller “Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds”

When I gave my fabulous talk to over 50 people at The Club at Harbor Point last September, I mapped her “Nine Factors for Radical Remission” to the “7 Principles of Mindfulness in Healing,” which I am now calling “7 Strategies to Help You Survive.”

I’ll tell you more about this tomorrow.

For now, watch this wonderful preview of the Radical Remission Course:

In case you haven’t seen these for a while, here are the Nine Factors of Radical Remission:

  1. radically changing your dietKelley Turner - Nine Factors for Radical Remission
  2. taking control of your health
  3. following your intuition
  4. using herbs and supplements
  5. releasing suppressed emotions….
  6. embracing social support
  7. Increasing positive emotions
  8. deepening your spiritual connection
  9. having strong reasons for living
  10. exercise

Yes, I know, there are more than nine factors!

On the call she hosted on March 9 to introduce the RADICAL REMISSION COURSE, she was asked what she thought the most important additional factor for radical remission was and she answered that it was exercise.

It is important to note that she was not able to confirm which of the factors is the most important because there are no clinical trials validating them at present.

So click this button to be put on the waiting list for the Radical Remission Course and get a copy of the introductory call:

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