Real Presence

The Weekly Words of Wisdom chosen by Lama Surya Das for this week are from Father Richard Rohr.

I first encountered Father Rohr when I was in my enneagram certification program with Helen Palmer between 1989 and 1991. His book, Enneagram, was a major contribution to enneagram studies at the time.

The relevance of this quote goes back to my recent articles on Happy In The Present Moment and True Love Is Made Of Understanding, in which we learn that being present for someone you love is one of the conditions for happiness and understanding.

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh tells us that the “Real Presence” is the Pure Land of the Buddha or the Kingdom of God. So to be in the real presences of the one you love is to be truly loving. This is also a manifestation of our Buddha nature.

One of my favorite contemporary Catholic writers, Fr. Richard Rohr, asks: “What good is it if God or Jesus is really present, but you are not? If you are Really Present, you will know the Real Presence. It is really that simple.”


– Lama Surya Das
quoting Fr. Richard Rohr

If you are a Christian, the concept of Kingdom of God should be familiar to you. If you are a Buddhist, the concept of the Pure Land of the Buddha should be known to you. In any case, being really present is the key to happiness, peace, tranquility, and joy, and it is available now!

May you experience love, joy, wonder, and wisdom in this life, just as it is!

Please share your true presence by sharing you feelings and thoughts with everyone else.

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