Realization Process

Monday night, I experienced the realization process with Dr. Sara Gordon. She is fully Certified Realization Process Practitioner. Sara teaches the Realization Process Monday evenings, 7-9 in San Rafael, CA.

There were two other participants besides Sara and myself.

The class was fully enjoyable and I found myself willing and able to follow all of Sara’s guided meditation processes with ease.

Most of the evening was spent feeling the various centers of the body and the unity of the space within and without our bodies.

We started with the head center, which is in the center of the head just between the earlobes.

We also worked with the heart center and the pelvic center.

The realization process was founded by Judith Blackstone.

Here is some information on the process in her own words.

Realization Process® is a body-centered approach to personal and spiritual healing and maturity. It integrates the process of spiritual realization with psychological and relational healing, and embodiment.

I found some marvelous similarities with the teachings of George Simon. He was a teacher of mine in the 1970’s. His general methods can be traced back to a New Age philosophy called general semantics.

He would have us experience what it felt like to be in another’s shoes – to grock another’s life situation.

Tim O’Reilly, founder of the extremely successful publishing company, O’Reilly Media was in George’s classes with me.

Could it be that Tim got what he needed from George Simon to become the well-known high-tech figure that he is?

So, what do you feel about the space within you and the space outside of  your body? Can you grock the unity of these two spaces?

Belonging Here

Belonging Here
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