Secular Mindfulness For Stress Relief

These days, business leaders, politicians, and educators are using mindfulness to cope with stress. They are taking advantage of secular mindfulness for stress relief in their lives.

This video from Laura Evans of Fox News in Washington, DC reports that 65% of Americans are not able to take time for themselves at least once a day. 98%  report that they think balance is either somewhat or very important.

Tara Brach, who has been featured frequently here, says that the consequences of so little down time are a feeling of chronic anxiety. “There are so many leaders in business that are finding that they make better decisions when they can manage their stress.”

Google, Target, and General Mills offer courses on mindfulness and Ebay has meditation rooms. As we have seen, The Economist has been writing about it.

Studies show that mindfulness lights up the left frontal cortex of the brain – the part of the brain tied to peace, happiness, and calm. It also reduces the stress hormone, cortisol.

The sister of former President George W. Bush, Dorothy Bush Koch is also getting in the act with her sister-in-law, Patricia Koch. They formed a consulting company, BB&R Consulting, and facilitate the Achieving Optimal Health Conference.

Ohio Congressman, Tim Ryan is also on board. Perhaps you would like to review Mindfulness In Health Care, Congressman Tim Ryan On CBS News, or Mindfulness Meditation Practices in Politics. His book, The Mindful Nation, is featured in the video.


This article follows on the heals of Secular Mindfulness and is essentially a continuation of it into other areas of life like business, politics, and education. I would love to see more of the classroom teachings on mindfulness at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland.

What have you seen in the news, at your school, office, or district, or on TV about secular mindfulness for stress relief? Did you know that you can now purchase Stress Relief Guided Meditation on CD?

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