Take One Seat by Ajahn Chah

This wonderful quote, Take One Seat by Ajahn Chah sounds a lot like Zen. But Ajahn Chah was a teacher in the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism. He was the root teacher of Jack Kornfield and many other Western teachers looked up to him. Just go into the room and put one chair in […]

The Happiness of the Buddha

Today, we have words of wisdom from two respected teachers on the happiness of the Buddha. The first quote is from Ajahn Chah, the great Thai forest teacher of Theravada Buddhism who taught the likes of Jack Kornfield and inspired the formation of many practice centers all over the world. His reputation as a spiritual […]

“The Magic Word Is Stillness”

Ajahn Brahm teaches meditation retreats at Jhana Grove Meditation Retreat Centre, Serpentine, Western Australia. Ajahn Brahm was born Peter Betts in London. He trained in theoretical physics. When he went to Thailand, he became a monk in the Thai Forest tradition with Ajahn Chah. Ajahn Chah was the teacher of Jack Kornfield. One of Ajahn Chah’s […]