“The Magic Word Is Stillness”

Ajahn Brahm teaches meditation retreats at Jhana Grove Meditation Retreat Centre, Serpentine, Western Australia.

Ajahn Brahm was born Peter Betts in London. He trained in theoretical physics. When he went to Thailand, he became a monk in the Thai Forest tradition with Ajahn Chah.

Ajahn Chah was the teacher of Jack Kornfield.

One of Ajahn Chah’s great teachings was, “We meditate not to obtain anything, but to let go of things!”

This video is the from the first day of a nine day retreat.

It is about relaxing the body and mind.

He says, “The magic word is stillness.”

Kindness and compassion are the triggers for relaxing the body and mind.

About one-third through the video, Ajahn Bhram demonstrates mindfulness with a cup of water.

Relaxing the body and mind with gentleness, kindness and compassion is possible.

If you want my help, please try my Guided Meditation for Relieving Stress.

Please share your feelings and thoughts about relaxing your body and mind.

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