Karen Armstrong Spoke On The Golden Rule

Karen Armstrong is a religious historian of excellent proportions. Her presence at the conference for Empathy and Compassion in Society was totally inspiring. She opened her talk with, …every single one of the world religions had developed it’s own version of the golden rule – never treat others as he would not like to be treated yourself. […]

Plasticity Of The Social Brain

Olga Klimecki was another presenter at the conference for Empathy and Compassion in Society in London in the fall of 2012. She works at the Max Planck Institute with Tania Singer on the neuroscience of empathy and compassion. She spoke about the plasticity of the social brain. She does research to see if we can change […]

The Four Types Of Compassion

Dr. Paul Ekman is a famous psychologist who studied the facial expressions of emotions. Before he met the Dalai Lama, he did not know anything about Buddhism and now he is encouraging people to meditate. I had the great pleasure of listening to him speak at The Center For Commpassion and Altruism Research and Education […]