Focusing and Meditation

These words of wisdom on Focusing and Meditation from David Rome, are an excellent introduction for meditation practitioners. Focusing is a psychological process invented by Dr. Eugene Gendlin, a philosopher and psychotherapist who was very influential in my life. He was a protege of Carl Rogers and was known for his development of a phenomenological […]

The Search For Consciousness

When I was a graduate student in physics at the University of Chicago I met Dr. Eugene Genelin who was a professor of psychology. He was well-known for his discovery of the technique known as focusing, which, in my view is very similar to vipassana meditation. While preparing for a talk for him and his graduate […]

Buddhism and Quantum Physics

I spent six years in graduate school in physics and learned a lot about Buddhism and quantum physics. This video caught my attention and so I want to share it. It demonstrates the convergence of the Buddhist ideas of interdependence, emptiness and the true nature of reality with those of quantum physics and modern physics. […]