Mindfulness Based Healing

As you know, one of the major themes of this website is mindfulness based healing. This means bringing all the tools of mindfulness meditation to the healing process, becoming your own medical advocate, and taking charge of your medical experience. Whether you are healing from cancer, a physical injury, or an emotional upheaval in your […]

The Brain Is Not The Mind

In the modern field of neuroscience, there are two extreme positions that ignore the simple fact that the brain is not the mind. According to David Brooks, an accomplished New York Times columnist, these two extremes are: At the lowbrow level, there are the conference circuit neuro-mappers. These are people who take pretty brain-scan images […]

The Search For Consciousness

When I was a graduate student in physics at the University of Chicago I met Dr. Eugene Genelin who was a professor of psychology. He was well-known for his discovery of the technique known as focusing, which, in my view is very similar to vipassana meditation. While preparing for a talk for him and his graduate […]

Meditation Practices Change Your Brain

More research results confirm what my posts have already said: meditation practices change your brain! See Meditation Practices Are Linked to Increased Intelligence and Meditation Practices for Pain and Stress. Check out this video from Channel 7 News. Meditation Practices Change Your Brain Julianna Raye reiterates what I have said in What is Meditation? Remember, […]