Interbeing With Nature

I just watched an amazing movie titled, “The Animal Communicator.” It is about our interbeing with nature and interspecies communication. Interbeing is a word coined by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh to help us realize the insight of our interconnectedness with nature, the earth, the sun, the planets, the Milky Way, and the whole cosmos. […]

Roshi Joan Halifax Talked About Compassion

Roshi Joan Halifax talked about compassion when she visited Capital University in Columbus, Ohio in 2011. She opened with some words of wisdom from Barry Lopez. He writes about environmental and social concerns. She read a piece of his related to the role of compassion-based ethics in our lives. Arctic Dreams is the name of his […]

Meditation Practices for Developing Generosity

Generosity is one of the cornerstones of meditation practices. Meditation practices for developing generosity in Buddhism are based on the practices of giving of yourself unconditionally without anticipation of any reward. We all know what it feels to give of our time, energy or material resources to others in need. The feeling is like a […]