Loving Kindness Meditation Jewish Style

Laura Silver writes on TabletMag.com about a group of Jews doing meditation practices. One of their practices is loving kindness meditation Jewish style called chesed meditation. Loving kindness is the translation of chesed from the Hebrew. In Buddhist meditation practices, loving kindness meditation is known as metta practice. There will be other posts for you […]

Meditation Practices Can Cause Your Brain Cells To Grow

Recent scientific research has shown that meditation practices can cause your brain cells to grow and make you smarter. This research is validating what yogis and meditators have know for millennia. The scientific evidence reported by Richard Crown in a document from the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness is that …meditation actually grows grey […]

Meditation Practices For Improving Your Self Image

Metta (loving kindness, friendliness) is one of the meditation practices for improving your self image. It dates back almost 2,600 years, and it is still relevant today. In traditional metta practice, one begins with practicing loving kindness for oneself by repeating a series of phrases like these (this is one set that I actually use […]