Will These Sounds Work For You?

Will these sounds work for you? They have for me! Over the past two years I have listened to music with binaural beats almost every morning and sometimes in the afternoon. This is what the Om Harmonics program is all about – music for both sides of your brain. Binaural beats are specially engineered sounds […]

5 Reasons To Meditate

In a  video titled, How to Meditation Without Moving to the Himalayas,  Brian Johnson gives us 5 reasons to meditate. Brian Johnson is 50% Philosopher and 50% CEO and creator of en*theos. He is 100% committed to helping people optimize their lives so we can change the world together. Brian is also the author of […]

Meditation Practices Can Cause Your Brain Cells To Grow

Recent scientific research has shown that meditation practices can cause your brain cells to grow and make you smarter. This research is validating what yogis and meditators have know for millennia. The scientific evidence reported by Richard Crown in a document from the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness is that …meditation actually grows grey […]

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