How To Do Tapping

This video features Jessica Ortner, sister of Nick Ortner. Nick was the one who interviewed Louise Hay in yesterday’s blog post, Tappiing for Healing. Jessica shows us how to do tapping and goes through the various areas that are used for tapping. She also talks about the setup statement, which helps the tapping to be […]

Complete Interview With Louise Hay

In a previous post, Tapping For Healing, I offered the five minute version of Nick Ortner’s interview with Louise Hay. In this post, I’m offering the complete interview. The interview is a preview of an online event, The 5th Annual Tapping World Summit to begin on February 4, 2013,

Tapping For Healing

The video in this post is about tapping for healing. It features the famous “Queen of Affirmations,” Louise Hay. She is 86 years old and still going strong. Her book, Your Can Heal Your Life has sold over 50,000,000 copies. Her publishing company is going like gang busters with authors like Suze Orman, Wayne Dyer and […]