The Manifesto by Charlie Chaplin

A bowler hat.

Baggy pants.

A comedic mustache.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

For most people, it’s the comic visionary ­Charlie Chaplin.

And although he entertained early movie­ goers in silence… it was his words of wisdom that had the power to inspire.

His iconic speech in the movie “The Dictator” is one of the most timeless and inspirational moments in cinematic history, which you can see in the article, We Need Kindness And Gentleness.

And today, we want to share a beautiful artwork that really encapsulates the beauty of his wisdom.

It’s as relevant today as it was back then.

This wonderful piece of art work comes to us from Mindvalley. You can even download the full sized image.

celebrating life manifesto

Charlie Chaplin’s Celebrating Life Manifesto

The manifesto of Charlie Chaplin embodies many concepts that can also be found in Buddhist thought. These include

  • fulfillment – to live each day fully in the present moment brings fulfillment
  • respect – for people, yes, also all life forms – the First Mindfulness Training
  • authenticity – this can be matched to deep listening, loving speech, and a commitment to be true to your practice and yourself
  • maturity – the commitment to continue to practice regardless of your ongoing circumstances
  • modesty – when we refuse to force our views on others and learn to respect their views
  • love of oneself – the Buddha said, “Be an island unto yourself.”
  • simplicity – easy, simple living in a community of practitioners with a common goal of relieving the suffering in the world
  • wisdom of the heart – the practice of equanimity in the face of whatever life brings

I found this image to be wonderfully inspiring and it gave me an insight to the man behind the statements.

What do you think of the manifesto by Charlie Chaplin? Are you willing to share it with your family and friends? It was freely given by Mindvalley.

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