Enneagram Point 1 – The Perfectionist

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Habits of Heart and Mind of the Perfectionist

The Perfectionist
Point one on the enneagram represents “The Perfectionist“. The fixation for point one is resentment, which is derived from the one’s preoccupation with getting things right and having them go wrong.  The passion for point one is anger, which is usually turned into themselves by a process of reaction formation.  This process begins in childhood between the ages of four and nine, depending on the child’s family of origin, social and economic environments and education.

The one child finds him or herself in situations where their felt anger needs to be expressed.  However, the pain they suffer when expressing their feelings, due to the apparent hostile environment that they are being raised in, is repressed into the body.  From then on, when things no longer meet their internal standards for correctness and how the world should be, they channel their anger inside to prevent the pain from recurring.

People who find that they are point one on the enneagram are critical of themselves and others.  They are convinced that there is one right way to do just about everything, from making toast for breakfast in the morning to running an executive board meeting at their job.

They tend to think of themselves as ethically superior to other people.  Sometimes, they can procrastinate quite a bit, in order to reduce the fear they have of making a mistake. [Read More…]

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