The Secret Bliss

The Secret Bliss is the title of an interview of Sonia Doubell by LondonReal: Brian Rose and Nic Gabriel. Sonia is an actress, journalist, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur. The Secret Bliss is also the name of her website. On her website, we find the following quote:

I believe that within each of us lies incredible potential to live life unbounded by old beliefs and patterns. Living your truth means waking up to the fact that right now, you may not be. Yoga is a gateway to awakening the divine connection to self, when this happens, the blocks that hold us back melt away, the rivers from source begin to flow, as we step into our Life’s Purpose with courage, knowing and excitement. We start with a physical healing through yoga, cultivating awareness of mind, forgiveness of past, opening up to freedom and love. I believe in Yoga, That’s why I teach!

During her interview with LondonReal, she spoke about the importance of being present. She believes in yoga and daily meditation practice.

There was also a lot of talk about the use of ayahuasca, a  hallucinatory plant from the Amazon. Brian Rose suggested that Sonia become a shaman! Someone I know made an important, life changing decision after participating in an ayahuasca ceremony. I’m pretty sure that Dr. Michael Harner, the scholar who brought the study of shamanism to academic studies.

She was raised in South Africa, where she was ate meat and potatoes. She became a vegan at age 17.

A vegan diet is something that Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh always talks about. What he says resonates with what Sonia Doubell and the hosts discussed.

How do you feel about ayahuasca and vegan diets? Please share.

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