Two Versions of Mind Control

Today, I want to present two versions of mind control. The first version is mind control the point of view of a Zen Buddhist Nun, Kim Iryop.

Kim is saying that when she can control her mind, she feels in charge. It is this mindset that can keep us comfortable, not matter what the situation.

Mind Control | March 3, 2015

 My life is uncomfortable only when I am not capable of controlling my mind. If I am in charge of my mind, then I can live comfortably even in hell. Do not try to find happiness or comfort outside yourself; instead, you should try to become the commander of your own mind and utilize it at will. The entire universe is in your possession, as is your mind. The richest individuals are those who can lead their minds to their full universal capacity. Happiness or sorrow, wealth or poverty, are all dependent on the mind. Anyone incapable of fully controlling her own mind will experience unfulfilled desires even if she possesses everything in the universe.

– Kim Iryop, “Mind Control”
from Reflections of a Zen Buddhist Nun

Buddha in the Garden

The second version of mind control is based on the Silva Mind Control course (now called the Silva Life System). I took the course many years ago. In this version, mind control is understood from the point of view of harnessing the mind to achieve specified outcomes. The course aims at developing skills to overcome tension, bad habits, emotional insecurity, and even illness with the techniques of Mind Control.

Silva Life System

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In my life, I have attempted to integrate both versions and it seems to be working! In fact, I plan to be writing about this integration once my work on book completes. Stay tuned to read about this.

Which of these versions do you relate to the best: mind control from a Buddhist perspective or mind control from the Silva perspective? Please share.

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Reflections of a Zen Buddhist Nun (Korean Classics Library. Philosophy and Religion)

Kim Iryop

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