Vitality – The Movie

Vitality – the Movie is the creation of and Pedram Shojai. It teaches us how to live healthier lives and understand a different approach to vitality. Vitality is having the energy to do what ever you want to do whenever you want to do it.

The principles of vitality can be thought of in four component areas of our life: diet, exercise, sleep, and mindset. These areas of our lives are important to understand in the ways that they are interconnected with each other. They do not exist by themselves, alone.

For example, without good sleep, it is difficult to maintain a consistent exercise program. I know this to be true from my own experience. During a period of my life around the end of last summer, I wasn’t sleeping well and boy, did it affect my tennis game. I usually played four times a week, yet I was exhausted.

It may have had something to do with my diet, but I really couldn’t figure it out. I suppose it had something to do with stopping thyroid medication, but I don’t know. I was under the care of a competent endocrinologist, so that may have not been the problem.

I think I have almost always been in balance between my mindset, diet, and exercise. My daily meditation practice has been extremely beneficial and I have been very diligent with it. It includes my exercise program of tennis, Arica gym, and restorative yoga.

The movie is very interesting, especially when you consider the present state of our health care system. It is no longer a health care system, but a illness care system, and who wants that?

The movie emphasizes getting away from the healthcare system and taking our health into our own hands.

I have prepared a rough draft of a future article on the 6 principles of Mindfulness in Healing, which blend nicely with these spokes of vitality. They espouse the ways and means of dealing with the broken health care system, when you have to engage with it.

What are your thoughts about the ideas expressed in Vitality – the Movie? Please share.

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