We Need To Root Out Seeds Of Anger

I just received these Words of Wisdom from Lama Surya Das about the Boston bombing that took place on yesterday during the Boston Marathon. In this statement, Lama Surya Das says that we need to root out seeds of anger, hatred, fear, and greed.

Today is a day of tears and prayers here in Boston, and in widening concentric circles around the country and world. So many were involved in yesterday’s tragic events. Personally, I can’t get over the thought of 8 year old Martin Richard who died, standing in the sunshine, waiting for his Dad to come home across the finish line on a festive and historic occasion. (His mother and sister, aged 6, are still in hospital.) Now Marathon Day. Patriots Day, will always be remembered differently.

My minister friend Reverend Kim Harvey was downtown at her Arlington Street Church when the explosions occurred at the Boston Marathon, within three blocks of the bombing, and helped minister to peoples immediate needs and providing refuge from the chaos. She came to my house on her way home to Concord late last night, and we communed and meditated together. Today Kim’s back at work, ministering to locals and preparing for a candlelit vigil.

Obviously, we live in violent, anxious, fragmented times. If we can’t disarm our heart and root out the seeds of anger, hatred, fear and greed, we will inevitably have more senseless killing in front of us. If we don’t pull together, we’ll be pulled apart. Let us join hands and head, hearts and minds and communities, for a better future to be possible—the future which begins right now.

Lama Surya Das, Concord Mass.. April 16, 2013


I was playing tennis when I first heard about the bombing. I had to sit down for a moment and send out loving kindness and compassion for the victims as well as the perpetrators. I felt sad and discouraged.

What is wrong with our country, our world? Why can’t we live and let live in peace and security?

We have to learn to embrace our anger like a mother embracing her child. The child wakes up with some pain and discomfort. The mother picks up the child and embraces him or her and already the child is feeling better.

If we learn to embrace anger like this, we can deal with our anger in a skillful way and not cause harm to ourselves and others.

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