What Is Your Energy Profile?

Carol Tuttle has an excellent program on Chakra Healing through Mindvalley that I am currently going through. She is a world-renowned energy therapist and also an expert in Reiki, Rapid Eye Therapy, and Tapping.

In this video, she helps us answer the question, “What is your energy profile?”

Your energy profile fits into one of for types, as explained in the video. Your energy profile explains how you interact with others and how you are personally motivated.

To prepare for the video, please take a moment to follow this three step exercise.

  1. Choose and write down 4 words from the list below that resonates with you the most.
    • Precise
    • Light
    • Soft
    • Free
    • Active
    • Sure
    • Fresh
    • Flowing
    • Relaxed
    • Constant
    • Comfortable
    • Rich
    • Dynamic
    • Simple
    • Structured
  2. Start doodling! Just draw the first shapes that come to mind.
  3. Draw a horizontal line and write “Low Movement” at one end and “High Movement” at the other. Mark a point anywhere on the line that best describes you. Low Movement would represent movements like calm, deliberate hand gestures or a slower paced walk for example. High Movement on the other hand would represent a more energetic stride in your walk or having fast-paced speech.

I’ve become a fan of Carol Tuttle and highly recommend her course on the 7 Chakras. The chakras are 7 circular vortexes of energy (or sometimes pictured as flowers with petals) starting from your tail bone, and ending at the crown of your head. They are the focal points of your life force, or prana–and their individual states are vital to your holistic well-being. Click on the image below for more information.

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