Why We Should Dream Big

Lisa Nichols teaches us why we should dream big in this video from Mindvalley.

She tells her story of growing up in Los Angeles and having to fight her way through school. She was constantly put down by her teachers.

And yet, she is now one of the spokespersons for The Secret and the author of many books and publications. She is in demand as a speaker and is able to spark enthusiasm in her listeners.

I was very moved by her life story and the following quote:

In order to live the life you love,
and love the life you live,
you have to be willing to step
on the other side of normal.

I’ve never considered myself as normal. I was treated much the same way Lisa was – not because I was an African American, but because I was Jewish. My family was very observant, but not orthodox. I was kept out of school on all of the Jewish holidays and was often disgraced because of it.

I was extremely skinny and had no body fat. Kids used to love to pick on me. My left arm was broken in three places at three different time. One kid bear hugged me so hard that he broke a rib. I had every childhood disease.

Worst of all, I had no one I could call a friend. Girls gave me problems with no end.

I finally found my way at the age of 28 or 29, when I learned about yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other transcendental philosophies. The biggest early changes came through the Silva Method and studies with Father Eli.

These two teachings formed the basis of my use of creative visualization. This is Lisa Nichols’ specialty.

Don’t you want to learn to why we should dream big? Don’t you want to learn the principles and techniques of creative visualization?

Lisa Nichols

Creative Visualization with Lisa Nichols

In this course, you will learn the following:

1. Manifest more of your goals, faster.
2. “Reprogram” your subconscious beliefs.
3. Experience more gratitude & happiness.
4. Get “magnetised” to your deepest desires.
5. Accelerate your ability to create success.

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