Channeling The Light Of Healing

Adele Selina channels this lovely guided meditation bringing on the light of healing. The sounds and images in this video have a vibrancy and loveliness that are uncommon in videos like this one. You can actually feel the light entering you if you follow her images. The video is dedicated to all of us who […]

Healing Meditation

Jose Silva, the founder of The Silva Method, had long believed that 90% of illnesses come from the human mind – And can therefore, to a certain extent, be reversed by the mind too. Remember, Jose Silva was taught by one of my root teachers, Father Eli. One of the primary teachings of Father Eli […]

Guided Meditation For Healing

Kelly Howell is a well-known inspirational speaker and author. The image in the video is fixed, so this is basically an audio recording masquerading as a video. Kelly advises to use this video in conjunction with your medical treatment. Please take to heart these three important facts about your body. “The body can manufacture and administer […]