The Healing Mind

The Healing Mind with Martin Rossman, M.D. is a new program on national public television which premiered last night in San Francisco on KQED. Marty was present during the pledge segments of the program and spoke very elegantly about the Healing Mind Prescription, which can be had for a donation of only $156. The Healing […]

Guided Meditation to Feel Your Intention

This guided meditation to feel your intention by Lilou Mace is a short one. Begin with deep breathing and follow her count down from 10 to 0. The imagine what you want in your life and that it has already happened. Go deeper into the image and feel how you would feel when your intention […]

Transforming Anxiety Into Calmness

Dr. Martin Rossman is one of the earliest physicians to adopt collaborative medicine and the first American physician to become an acupuncturist. He founded the Academy for Guided Imagery and is still in practice today. This video is about transforming anxiety into calmness and how to worry well using guided imagery. Marty is a great […]

Silva Mind Control And Guided Meditation Produce The Same Results!

The Silva Mind Method was called Silva Mind Control when I took the course many years ago. The course was founded in 1966 by Jose Silva, an engineer and a self-taught parapsychologist. The course was designed to reduce stress, overcome health challenges, and increase your mental capabilities. Awakening your intuitive functioning and self empowerment are […]

Meet Your Inner Guide

This lovely guided meditation for meeting your inner guide contains beautiful music and the lovely voice of a woman. The imagery in this video is outstanding! You are guided into a forest, made comfortable and then you gently meet your spirit guide. Your spirit guide is a wise person who will help you answer your […]

Connect With Your Inner Guide

This guided meditation helps you find your inner guide. Dr. Martin Rossman calls this your “inner adviser.” The relaxation exercise that precedes the meeting of your guide is typical of many other guided meditations. Meeting the guide on the beach takes the form of a bright light. Moving into the light, you ask if the […]

The Resolution of Worries

The Worry Solution: Using Breakthrough Brain Science to Turn Stress and Anxiety Into Confidence and Happiness by Dr. Martin Rossman is an excellent book on how to turn your good worries into action and how to stop bad worries. Remember this song? Does it help you not to worry? Don’t worry, be happy! !