5 Rules of Mind-Body Healing

The 5 Rules of Mind-Body Healing: How To Regain & Maintain Perfect Health is title an article I just read on Soulvana blog. The article begins with this statement:

Science has suggested that it’s possible to accelerate physical, emotional and spiritual healing with the sheer power of your mind. In this lesson, learn the 5 rules of Mind-Body Healing, and how to take advantage of this natural phenomenon.

and then it goes on to discuss a case of throat cancer that was treated by the Simonton method. See, for example, Do You Believe in Mind Stories?

You may know by now, from other articles that I have written, that Carl Simonton was trained by Jose Silva. But did you know that Jose Silva was trained by Father Eli? Father Eli was one of my root teachers who trained me in how to teach creative visualization and guided meditation, also know as “mind stories.” In the following 5 rules of mind-body healing, this is referred to as learning visualization or imagery techniques.

The 5 Rules of Mind-Body Healing

William Braud outlined five major mental techniques that he believed have important effects on the self-healing processes.

They include:

  1. The need for relaxation and quietude.
  2. Learning to focus your attention on one thing (e.g. breathing), which allows you to develop mental self-control and avoid distractions. (The above two points are achieved through meditation).
  3. Learning visualization or imagery techniques since pictures are the preferred language of the mind.
  4. Incorporating intent into the process, a wish for some goal to be reached and an expectation that it will.
  5. The evocations of strong positive emotions during the healing process.

All of these five rules are incorporated in Healing with the Seven Principles of Mindfulnesss: How to Thrive and Succeed in a Complex Cancer System, which is now available to the public.

The 5 rules of mind-body healing are inherent in the book and the stories of healing are phenomenal. Many people have bought the book already. Why not you?

Healing with the Seven Principles of Mindfulness

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