Do You Believe in Mind Stories?

Do you believe in mind stories? Would you believe that this child:

Micah - age 7

Micah – age 7

could become this young man?

Micah Feedman

Micah – age 43

I believed it because as soon as Micah went into the hospital with metastatic kidney cancer, I began working with him with mind stories. Mind stories are guided meditations specifically designed for younger people.

I spent most of my nights in the hospital sleeping on the floor with my girlfriend at the time. We would do meditation practices for Micah to heal together.

At the age of seven, Micah was open to trying the mind stories because he was young and didn’t have any resistance to new ideas.

After about a month of being in the hospital, he began therapy with Dr. Sheldon Ruderman. Dr. Ruderman, himself a cancer survivor, was a psychologist who specialized in imagery and guided meditation. He was trained by the Simonton Cancer Center and lived well beyond what his doctors expected.

Sheldon was so kind to Micah during his treatment. He brought mini-bagels to develop a strong connection and engage fully in Micah’s recovery.

Their story together is told in this video hosted by Leonard Nemoy (Dr. Spock).

What do you think of the video? What moved you the most about it? Please share your feelings and thoughts.

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