How to Create a Delicious Partnership with Food

I want you to sign up for this fantastic series on how to create a delicious partnership with food. It  begins today and is absolutely free.

Alexandra Jaye Johnson, the Chief Goddess & Co-Founder of en*theos, interviews extraordinary experts in the areas of health, spirituality, purpose, creativity, sensuality, self-care, motherhood, beauty, relationships and confidence.

One of the experts she has chosen for this conference is the fabulous Dr. Sara Gottfried, who has appeared in Hormone Tip from Sara Gottfried, 7 Power Habits to Double Your Detox and Weight Loss, Start a Revolution with Your Grocery Cart, Harvard MD’s Secrets To Balanced Hormones, and Fix Your Hormones Fast, among others.

I have been fascinated with Sara Gottfried’s since her I heard about and bought her book, The Hormone Cure.

Other presenters include Geneen Roth and Allison Armstrong.

Geneen Roth’s interview includes these topics:

  • How food can be one of our greatest teachersGeneen Roth
  • How to stop dieting and shaming/punishing yourself with food
  • How to be kind to yourself and respect your body no matter how much you weigh
  • How to experience being enough and dealing with your critical voice
  • How to learn to sit and be with discomfort and pain and open up to more joy and pleasure

Alison Armstrong’s interview includes

  • How to create the partnership of your dreamsAllison Armstrong
  • Why men need sex
  • What creates and destroys intimacy
  • How to navigate hurt feelings and heal each other through partnership
  • How to create more love, connection and juiciness in your intimate relationship
  • Why flirting is vital to a powerful and passionate partnership

Johnson says that these conversations are amazing!! They cover topics like: health, spirituality, purpose, creativity, sensuality, Alexandra Jaye Johnsonself-care, motherhood, beauty, relationships and confidence.

She says,

I feel like the main themes of this conference are coming home to ourselves, trusting ourselves and living our own authentically awesome lives. If that feels like something you’d dig come and join us and listen to all 30 interviews for free during the week of October 6th.

Here’s a fun 2 min video below to get a feel for what it’s all about!

Your job is to sign up now and take part in the conference. There will be replays all week long and I’ll respond to any questions you have.

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