In Praise Of Silva Mind Control

Jose Silva

Jose Silva, founder of Silva Mind Control

My life changed almost immediately after I took the Silva Mind Control course in Chicago many years ago. I can still see the room in which the training took place! I almost remember the meals I brought in.

This article is my testimonial in praise of Silva Mind Control.

The deep relaxation process, now called The Centering Exercise has served me very well over the years. The deep breaths, the body scan, the relaxing scene, and the deepening countdown all became part of my life and my practice. Even the patter of the trainers and the affirmations stuck in my mind. They were exceptionally qualified to teach the method and did a great job of answering questions.

The funny thing is, I had no doubt that Silva Mind Control would work for me! What prepared me for this, I don’t know. At the time I took the course, I was a professor of data processing at a suburban community college in the Chicago area.

Three significant events can be directly traced to Silva Mind Control.

The first took place shortly after I spent the summer on retreat with Father Eli in the mountains of Arkansas. I was visiting my first wife and son in California and had applied for a sabbatical replacement position at a community college in Northern California. I was lying on her floor and visualizing being in the classroom, lecturing to my students. I could feel the texture of the IBM cards that they would use to write their programs. I could hear the punch card machine knocking out the little holes so that the computer could read the program. The images were clear, precise, and felt real. I got the job and moved to California! I now live within two miles of where I taught.

The next event occurred in 1976 when my son was stricken with cancer. He had a Wilm’s tumor, a cancer of the kidney, which had metastasized to his lungs. No one was certain that he would survive.

The first thing I did when I came to the hospital was to teach him how to do mind stories – active visualization designed especially for children. A month later, we hired Dr. Sheldon Ruderman to be his therapist and continue with the mind stories. Dr. Ruderman was a student of the Simonton method, and it is well known that Dr. Carl Simonton and his wife, Stephanie were graduates of the Silva Mind Control program.

Between my hands on healing, my own visualizations alone and with my girlfriend, healing at a distance by such wonderful people as Gabrielle Roth and Reb Zalman, and continued work with Dr. Ruderman, Micah recovered and the cancer never reappeared. This is not to discount the efforts of the pediatric oncologist, the surgeon, the radiation oncologist and the hospital staff – they were essential too.

I suggest that you take a few minutes to watch the movie in Mind Stories Helped Cure Cancer from two episodes of In Search Of… featuring Leonard Nemoy of Startrek fame.

This whole experience taught me the value of combining alternative healing methods with traditional medical practices for best results. The third event was also an example of this.

On Super Bowl Sunday in 1997, I was urinating blood so thick you couldn’t detect the urine. I was admitted to the hospital from the emergency room and told that I had bladder cancer. I had spent most of the night before doing research on blood in the urine and constructing an active visualization to reduce the blood flow.

My healing journey is documented in my book, Stop Cancer in its Tracks: Healthy Cells Grow All By Themselves. You can read about the book here.

To say that active visualization played a part in my own recovery is an understatement! It was a major contribution to my healing experience.

Yes, I had surgery. Yes, I had chemotherapy. Yes, I had radiation therapy. Yes, I had physical therapy. All of these were certainly necessary, and may have been sufficient to guarantee my recovery. I was not going to take a chance. I lived up to my principle of taking charge of my own healing and investigated, studied, and participated in many alternative practices to aid my recovery.

I now teach Mindfulness in Healing at a prominent clinic in San Anselmo, California. I have written four books, all dealing with how you can improve you life through meditation and other practices.

What stories do you have to tell about what seem to be miraculous healing experiences?

The Silva Life System from Mindvalley Stop Cancer in its Tracks
Silva Life System Stop Cancer in its Tracks
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