Lincoln And Enlightened Leadership

This week’s Words of Wisdom chosen by Lama Surya Das is about the movie, Lincoln. The movie stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Jackie Earle Haley, Tommy Lee Jones, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and was directed by Steven Spielberg.

I’ve heard that Sally Field gained a lot of weight to play the part of Mrs. Lincoln.

Lincoln’s struggle to free the slaves still reverberates through the United States and the world.

Now, we are looking for a new kind of freedom based on emptiness, non-self and nirvana.

I loved the new “Lincoln” movie. Spielberg and Day-Lewis do a marvelous job revealing the inner majesty and noble heart of the great man, the kind of statesman that we are sorely lacking today, without much external action or special effects and Civil War battle scenes. It inspired me to think about how to further high-minded ideals including enlightened leadership, effective systemic social change and inculcating leadership versus mere follower-ship in younger generations. What can we do today to further freedom and human rights for marginalized social groups?



– Lama Surya Das




Lama Surya Das leaves us with the question, “What can we do today to further freedom and human rights for marginalized social groups?”

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh has a few answers. One of them is the practice of inclusiveness. He teaches that inclusiveness is a possible translation of upeksa, one of the four immeasurable minds. It is often translated as equanimity.

One of my answers can be found in The Declaration of Interdependence. Please read it and sign it.

Other answers can be found in the Related Articles, below.

How would you answer the question raised by Lama Surya Das? Please share your feeling and thoughts.

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