Love Is All Around

During the Holiday Season and the time of the Winter Solstice, we need to be assured that love is all around.

Take a look at the couple in the photograph below.

Love is all around them as the look out across San Francisco Bay on a beautiful October evening, being aware of only each other, the bay and the view.
Most of us haven’t been taught that to receive love deeply and transmit it wholeheartedly is a real human possibility, that it can be learned, and that to do so is the key to our deepest well-being, our spiritual life, and our capacity to bring more goodness into this world.

—John Makransky, “Love Is All Around”

Sometimes, love is all around us but we are too caught up in our own little world – our thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc. – that we are unable to feel it.

Something triggers our habit energy and the love around us seems to dissolve in the conversations around us, especially in a crowded room this time of year.

It may not be easy to remedy the situation while it is happening, but we can adopt our daily mediation practice to at least get a handle on those thoughts, feelings and emotions, embrace them in the full awareness of mindfulness, and allow them to resolve themselves in the face of mindfulness and concentration.

If all else fails, we can try a little self-compassion – stay tuned from Gabrielle Bernstein coming here tomorrow with advice on self-compassion.

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