Embracing Anger

These words of wisdom from Mark Epstein in Tricycle Daily Dharma teach us about sitting with anger, or, as Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay) teaches, embracing anger. Can you imagine a more explosive situation than what is going on in Israel today? With the recent war in Gaza started by Hamas with their bombing […]

Get A Second Guided Meditation For Free

Welcome to our Friends! Meditation Practices for Healing and Well-Being Order One Guided Meditation and Get a Second One Free (Only $9.97 each) Here are the steps to get your second guided meditation for free: Chose a guided meditation from the list below. Click on the Buy Now button for the chosen guided meditation. Pay […]

Guided Meditation For Embracing Anger

This lovely video is a guided meditation for embracing anger. The images are beautiful and the narrator has a really soothing voice. She tells us to release our anger by embracing love. When we have acceptance for our selves, we can learn to release anger when we allow others to be who they are, when we allow people […]