Guided Meditation for Loving Kindness

This guided meditation for loving kindness was created by Michael Sealey and is quite good for learning how to give and receive loving kindness, compassion, happiness, abundance and healing and eliminating stress and anxiety. Michael begins with a soothing body scan that takes about 7 minutes. Then he asks us to bring into mind an […]

Are You Doing What You Want?

Are you doing what you want in your life? Are you listening to your inner pilot light – that ‘still, small voice’ inside of you? Do you even know what you really want to be doing? Each of these important questions could be used as a koan for your meditation practice right now. “We rarely […]

How to Tap into Your Inner Pilot Light

If you have been following Lissa Rankin, MD and know how to tap into your inner pilot light, you can skip this article. It is based on an email I received from her last Thursday which contained 30 suggestions on how to tap into your inner pilot light. I’m just going to list them here […]

More on Self-compassion

A few days ago, I received an email from Lissa Rankin‘s “The Daily Flame” which teaches more on self-compassion. I’m hoping that you like this email addressed to your Inner Pilot Light as I did. If you do, you can sign up for it on Lissa’s website. My Darling Jerome, It starts with one small […]