You Are Enough

When Marisa Peer spoke at A-Fest sometime in 2015, she made the point that You Are Enough! Marisa is England’s best and most famous psychotherapist and her voice is captivating. Marisa tells you that you are enough through touching stories of helping burnt-out Hollywood celebrities, regular clients, and even her own family. You will learn […]

I Am Enough

“I am enough” is just one of the transformational mantras that I just learned from Marisa Peer, the UK’s most beloved therapist. In the video I watched this morning, she told stories of how famous actors, artists, and entrepreneurs overcame life-long traumas by simply writing these words on their mirror and having them set as […]

Masterclass with Marisa Peer

The Masterclass with Marisa Peer on Instant Transformational Hypnotherapy starts now! Presented by Mindvalley. In 30 minutes, this class can give you the same mindset as the world’s happiest super-achievers and leave you feel totally inspired. This peerless Masterclass will cover the difference between the 1% she works with and the other 99% of the […]