Creative Visualization Through Affirmations

The series of powerful affirmations in this video include “I love and appreciate myself just as I am” “My live is blossoming in total perfection” “I am strong and healthy” “I exercise regularly” and many more. Affirmations can be repeated at any time your mind is not otherwise occupied. The more awareness you bring into […]

Focus On The Good Things In Life

This is a feel good video if you take the time to read all of the affirmations. It helps you to focus on the good things in life. It is derived from The Secret – a book about positive thinking. It contains wisdom offered by many prominent teachers of our times. What is not to […]

Forgiveness Meditation

The meditation practice of forgiveness is essential for continued heath and well-being. Doing so develops loving kindness and compassion. Our bodies feel considerable stress when we carry judgements, criticisms, negativity, doubts, fears, regrets, resentments, grudges, and impure thoughts towards ourselves and others. The way to neutralize the stress is to practice forgiveness meditation and work […]

In Praise Of Silva Mind Control

My life changed almost immediately after I took the Silva Mind Control course in Chicago many years ago. I can still see the room in which the training took place! I almost remember the meals I brought in. This article is my testimonial in praise of Silva Mind Control. The deep relaxation process, now called […]

Silva Mind Control And Guided Meditation Produce The Same Results!

The Silva Mind Method was called Silva Mind Control when I took the course many years ago. The course was founded in 1966 by Jose Silva, an engineer and a self-taught parapsychologist. The course was designed to reduce stress, overcome health challenges, and increase your mental capabilities. Awakening your intuitive functioning and self empowerment are […]

Five Steps To Positive Self-Talk

Many years ago, I took the Silva Mind Control course over a late winter weekend in Chicago. The course was transformative and much of the information has become part of my daily meditation practice. Two years later, I was learning the same material from Father Eli in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas. My experience there […]

Guided Meditation And Mental Fitness

While researching the ideas of guided meditation and mental fitness, I came across an article on the Psychology Today website called, “Three Keys to Optimum Mental Fitness: How to exercise your psychological muscles” by Clifford Lazarus, Ph. D. The article begins with some wisdom that I try to instill on my students: Most people know the […]