Total Relaxation Is A Step towards Active Visualization

This total relaxation video is quite good for genuine relaxation. It involves tensing and releasing muscles in your body. Father Eli taught me that the stretching and relaxing all of the large muscle groups in the body is a good first step in achieving deep relaxation. In Active Visualization, we generally being with stretching and relaxing the […]

Guided Imagery For Deep Relaxation

This guided imagery for deep relaxation is from Sandi Anders. She has a great voice and the background music is very soothing. The whole process has only one frame in the video, so it is better to listen than to watch. It is best to use headphones. In fact, Sandi has us close our eyes […]

Pranayama Breathing Exercises

Pranayama breathing exercises are also known as yogic breathing or conscious breathing. The exercises in this video teach you how to oxygenate your blood and get rid of toxins through conscious breathing. These exercises can be used as a prelude to yoga postures, meditation practices and Active Visualization. In active visualization, for example, we begin with […]

Visualization For Healing Your Body

This video was created by a guy named Rob C. I’ve never heard of him. He calls it, “How to heal your body using only your mind.” It is a visualization for healing your body. He has gotten a lot of views on this video so you may find it useful. The imaging technique he […]

Love Is Letting Go Of Fear

With Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in the hospital, it may be good to remember that love is letting go of fear. Then we will be free to love Thay and allow what is to be to be. Love Is Letting Go Of Fear is the title of a book by Jerry Jampolsky. He was the […]

Channeling The Light Of Healing

Adele Selina channels this lovely guided meditation bringing on the light of healing. The sounds and images in this video have a vibrancy and loveliness that are uncommon in videos like this one. You can actually feel the light entering you if you follow her images. The video is dedicated to all of us who […]

Creative Visualization Through Affirmations

The series of powerful affirmations in this video include “I love and appreciate myself just as I am” “My live is blossoming in total perfection” “I am strong and healthy” “I exercise regularly” and many more. Affirmations can be repeated at any time your mind is not otherwise occupied. The more awareness you bring into […]

Float On Your Own Cloud

This guided imagery video is a good beginning to an guided meditation practice session. With guided imagery like this, you imagine that you are floating on your own cloud. In and active visualization session, this would set the stage for deeper relaxation and visualization of your goals. The music, from Kevin McLeod, is very beautiful. […]

Affirmations For Changing Your Life

This video from Mind Movies consists of affirmations from The Secret set to music. The Secret is revealed in the movie by the same name. It reveals a collection of ancient wisdom combined in a modern package that anyone can use to make a better life for themselves. It includes many affirmations for changing your life. I think […]

In Praise Of Silva Mind Control

My life changed almost immediately after I took the Silva Mind Control course in Chicago many years ago. I can still see the room in which the training took place! I almost remember the meals I brought in. This article is my testimonial in praise of Silva Mind Control. The deep relaxation process, now called […]

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