How to Tap into Your Inner Pilot Light

If you have been following Lissa Rankin, MD and know how to tap into your inner pilot light, you can skip this article. It is based on an email I received from her last Thursday which contained 30 suggestions on how to tap into your inner pilot light. I’m just going to list them here […]

Delta Boost Sound Meditation

Continuing to explore sound meditation, it is worthwhile to investigate Delta Boost sound meditation. This meditation practice has a lot in common with binaural beats. It claims to be an alternative for Holosync and Hemi Sync, both of which I have enjoyed listening to for the past three years. Recently, I have returned to the […]

Treat Meditation Like Music You Can Dance To

These words of wisdom from the great Alan Watts teach us to treat meditation like music you can dance to. Almost all of us like music and, if you are like me, you love to dance. We could say that meditation doesn’t have a reason or doesn’t have a purpose. In this respect it’s unlike […]

Discover The Music of Zen Meditation

You don’t have to be able to read and understand French to discover the music of Zen meditation. Simply listen to this beautiful music with headphones. The therapeutic frequencies and binaural beats take you to a lovely spot in your mind. It is so easy to sit back and relax and listen to this music. […]

Guided Meditation To Create Abundance

This guided meditation to create abundance is presented by Kelly Howell. The title screen is the only image in this video. It is recommend that you listen to this recording using a stereo headset. This will offer the maximum benefit from the binaural beats that are part of the meditation. During the guided imagery portion […]

Binaural Beats For Deep Relaxation

Many of the posts in the sound category have been related to binaural beats. Most of those have also overlaid music on top of the binaural beats. This one plays pure binaural beats for an hour. It is designed to take you down to the theta level of deep relaxation. The theta brain waves are […]

Meditation With Binaural Beats

Here is another video in the sound meditation series. This one is about meditation with binaural beats. Binaural beats are essentially an auditory illusion in the brain. When two tones of specific frequencies are played through headphones, the brain can become confused and produce its own, imagined tone—a three-dimensional audio hallucination heard only within the […]

Relieve Headaches with Sound Meditation

This video consists of sound vibrations know as binaural beats in the frequency range of 2.5-4 hz and changing colors. The sounds and images help to release endorphins, which help to relieve headache pain. The comments seem to indicate that this meditation practice really works! Were you able to get relief from your headache with […]