Qi Gong For Tension Release

Qi Gong meditation is flowing with nature. It is a moving meditation that allows the mind to sink into the moment and experience release of tension. Qi Gong For Beginners is perfect for strengthening the body and releasing tension. If you like this video, you will love any one of Lee Holden’s CDs. Here is […]

Mindfulness Based Healing

As you know, one of the major themes of this website is mindfulness based healing. This means bringing all the tools of mindfulness meditation to the healing process, becoming your own medical advocate, and taking charge of your medical experience. Whether you are healing from cancer, a physical injury, or an emotional upheaval in your […]

Qi Gong Meditation for Weight Loss

Being overweight and having eating disorders are contributors stress.   Qi gong meditation for weight loss can help with this problem. Lee Holden is a popular qi gong instructor and is appearing on a PBS series on the subject. His series, Exercise to Heal is aired on many stations around the country. This video is […]