How to Build Self Confidence

This video is from another Ted Talk. This time we hear from an athletic coach, Dr. Ivan Joseph, the athletic director the Varsity Soccer team at Ryerson University, on how to build self confidence.

You might think that athletics and meditation practices have nothing to do with each other, but please, think again.

Think of how many times I have been out on the tennis courts in the last twenty-five years or more with one thing in mind: study, practice, and observe my sensations and feelings as I run for the ball and make and attempt to hit the ball first over the net and then for a winner. I have presented my understanding of tennis as a mindfulness practice many times and with Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, the reception of the ideas gives me self confidence that tennis it is part of my path.

Dr. Joseph is looking for the skill of self confidence in prospective scholarship students in soccer. He says that, “Without that skill, we are useless as a soccer player.” The same could be said about a tennis player.

His definition of self confidence is

“[Self confidence] is the ability or the belief in yourself to accomplish any task, no matter the odds, no matter the difficulty, no matter the adversity. The belief that you can accomplish it.”

He believes that self is something can be trained, hence he calls it a skill. Repetition and practice are the keys!

So what does this have to do with Buddhism and meditation practices?

In Buddhism, confidence is related to the fourth paramita (virya), the perfection or virtue of diligence or energy. In this context it is related to the cultivation of faith, trust, conviction and confidence in teachings of the Buddha and your personal practice. This can be seen in the three aspects of virya, building character, spiritual training, and benefiting others.

Spiritual training is the daily practice of meditation. Just like Dr. Joseph said, repetition and practice develop the skill of self confidence in a soccer player, daily practice develops the skill of meditation and also self confidence.

Dr. Joseph also recommends affirmations to help develop self confidence. In Buddhism, this translates to mantras and gathas (simple verses) that keep our mind focused on the goal of our meditation.

What would you say about your level of self confidence? Do the video and my rantings offer any ideas about how to build self confidence in yourself? What do you think? Please write your comments below.

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