We Cannot Escape Impermanence

One of the so-called “remembrances” contains the statement, “We cannot escape impermanence.” This is recited daily in monasteries around the world. This article is about the advice that I recently gave to a colleague when she was troubled with the law of change. Consider this wisdom teaching from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh from my […]

10 Songs to Comfort You during Times of Transition from Lissa Rankin

The following 10 songs to comfort you during times of transition from Lissa Rankin showed up in my email yesterday. I want to share with you what she said about each song verbatim. She did say, “Feel free to share the love if you liked this post.” So here goes… I have a Comfort playlist […]

Inner and Outer Purpose

Yesterday, we learned a lot about volition and what we want to do in our lives – our inner and outer purpose. Mostly, as spiritual seekers, our inner and outer purpose may not be that obvious to us. Eckart Tolle tells us what Einstein wanted to accomplish and tells us why we are confused: “I […]

Teaching of Impermanence

This teaching of impermanence comes from the Daily Flame of Dr. Lissa Rankin, author of The Anatomy of a Calling: A Doctor’s Journey from the Head to the Heart and a Prescription for Finding Your Life’s Purpose. She doesn’t call it that, but the teaching of impermanence is just as effective. I remember that Reb […]

Acceptance and Surrender with Eckhart Tolle

A few years back, I could not get enough of Eckhart Tolle. I went to my local library and rented every audio recording they had of Eckhardt Tolle. One of the most influential books of his is The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. This video is on acceptance and surrender with Eckhart […]

27 Lessons From Eckhart Tolle

Between 2004 and 2008, I read books by Eckhart Tolle as fast as they came to my local library. I found his teachings to be quite wonderful and inspiring. I remember listening to The Power of Now in the car on the way up to Eugene, Oregon with my daughter as we drove to the […]

The Depths of Who You Are

Do you ever wonder where your life is going? Most of us do – a lot of us tend to wonder where is our life going – who are we really. To answer that you must first have deep sense of knowing as to what life really is – and whether you choose to believe death on […]

Meditate To Be Your Best Self

In this video, Olivia Rosewood teaches how to meditate to be your best self. She instructs us on how to use mindfulness meditation to watch our thoughts. She teaches us to watch our thoughts, observe them, and let them go – like clouds drifting across the sky. We are not to get involved with our […]