Silva Guided Meditation

The Silva guided meditation in this video is very similar to the Guided Meditation for Achieving Your Goals on this website! In fact, both Jose Silva and I had the same teacher – Father Eli! Jose Silva developed the Silva Mind Control system in 1966, about five years before my training with Father Eli. The […]

A Meditation Practice From One Of My Readers

In a chat conversation with one of my readers, I sent her the link to my video of the First Mindfulness Meditation Practice. I am including it here for you to watch as well. Then she replied with this: Wow, it is great. Would do you think about this, I heard that this is very […]

The Many Benefits of Meditation

This article in the Huffington Post shows scientific evidence of the many benefits of meditation. In fact, the author, Amanda L. Chan, lists twenty reasons why it is good for your mental and physical health. The reasons she lists are It lowers stress — literally (see Guided Meditation for Relieving Stress). It lets us get to […]