The Silva Centering Exercise

In this video, you will learn the Silva Centering Exercise. It was developed by Jose Silva many years ago and is taught by his daughter, Laura Silva. Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, introduces the Silva Centering Exercise.

If you have purchased any of my Guided Meditations for Sound Sleep, Anger Control, Weight Loss, Achieve Goals, Symptom Relief, or Stress Reduction, you will already have experienced a deep centering using almost the same method taught by Laura Silva.

Vishen wrote,

The technique we will teach you will be part of what many say is the most advanced set of mind training techniques developed. Jose Silva created these techniques over a period of 40 years with some several millions dollars worth of funding and tens of thousands of participants. It’s been reported to reduce stress, enhance creativity and amplify intuition.

In 1971, I took the Silva Mind Control course outside of Chicago. This is the same course as the Silva Life System you can get for yourself online by clicking here or on the image below. I’m sure it has been updated with Jose’s later research after 1971. I am personally going through the Silva Life System from Mindvalley now.

Two years later, I was on retreat in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas learning from Father Eli. When I ask him why his teachings were so similar to Silva Mind Control, he said, “It better be! Jose was one of my students.” I have been teaching Father Eli’s method ever since, modernizing it as I progressed on my path.

I am so happy and grateful for these teachings because they provided guidance for me and my family in our lives. Three particular incidents are worth mentioning.

The first was right after my first retreat with Father Eli. I invoked the power of Achieve Goals Guided Mediation to land a job at the College of Marin in Kentfield, California. [Read More…]

The second was in 1976 when my son had cancer. You can read Mind Stories Helped Cure Cancer to learn more.

The third was when I had cancer in 1997. See Stop Cancer In Its Tracks for more information.

In reality, the only verification for what Father Eli said is in the similarity of Silva Mind Control with the Guided Meditations he trained me to do and teach. One of the stages of each guided meditation is the stage of deep relaxation, which aligns nicely with the Silva Centering Exercise, the subject of this video. Naturally, the guided meditations incorporate additional stages to accomplish the aims of the individual products.

In other articles, I have shown that Silva Mind Control And Guided Meditation Produce The Same Results!

In order to demonstrate this to you, I am offering you a special bonus of the complete set Guided Meditations to anyone who purchases the Silva Life System by clicking here or on the image below and sending me a copy of their receipt.

Silva Life System

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Note that this offer will expire the day after Thanksgiving, so take advantage of it while you can!

Did you enjoy the Silva Centering Exercise? If so, please share what you experienced. I would love to hear from you!

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