The Healing Mind

The Healing Mind with Martin Rossman, M.D. is a new program on national public television which premiered last night in San Francisco on KQED. Marty was present during the pledge segments of the program and spoke very elegantly about the Healing Mind Prescription, which can be had for a donation of only $156. The Healing […]

Can the Power of Mind Stories Help Cure Cancer?

Can the power of mind stories help cure cancer? What are mind stories? Mind stories are the application of guided imagery and guided meditations in working with children. The idea of naming them as mind stories came when my son was stricken with a serious kidney cancer in 1976 when he was 7 years old. […]

7 Principles of Mindfulness in Healing

The 7 principles of Mindfulness in Healing are pervasive throughout the book, Stop Cancer in its Tracks: Your Path to Mindfulness in Healing Yourself, if only implicitly. They have been part of my life since I began studying and practicing meditation and learning about natural healing. They probably date back to the time before my […]

Float On Your Own Cloud

This guided imagery video is a good beginning to an guided meditation practice session. With guided imagery like this, you imagine that you are floating on your own cloud. In and active visualization session, this would set the stage for deeper relaxation and visualization of your goals. The music, from Kevin McLeod, is very beautiful. […]

Affirmations For Changing Your Life

This video from Mind Movies consists of affirmations from The Secret set to music. The Secret is revealed in the movie by the same name. It reveals a collection of ancient wisdom combined in a modern package that anyone can use to make a better life for themselves. It includes many affirmations for changing your life. I think […]

Mind Stories Helped Cure Cancer

I am re-releasing this article to complement two articles from earlier this week. The first was A Cancer Cure – Gerson Therapy and the second was Suppressed Cancer Cures. Neither of these articles nor the videos in them mentioned much about meditation, visualization, or mind stories. I think it is important to include these kinds […]

Guided Meditation And Shamanic Healing

Dr. Michael Harner Dr. Michael Harner is the founder and inspiration for The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. He is an anthropologist who received his Ph. D. from the University of California, Berkeley. In their book, Higher Wisdom, Roger Walsh and Charles S. Grob say this about Michael:  What Yogananda did for Hinduism and D.T. Suzuki did for Zen, […]

Activate Your Subconscious Mind

This guided imagery exploration helps you activate your subconscious mind. This is accomplished by activating your imagination. Through this joyous journey into your imagination, you can increase your experience of love, happiness, health and well-being in your life, just as it is. The journey starts with deep breathing into your belly and exhaling naturally. This […]

Guided Imagery For Universal Mind

This guided imagery is led by Kelly Howell. She is a well known figure when it comes to healing and mind expansion. Her voice is very soothing and it is accompanied by sounds designed to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain. Kelly calls this Brain Sync (her website is down as of this writing). This […]

Healthy Cells Grow All By Themselves

Lying still Breathing in, breathing out Healthy cells grow all by themselves I am free of cancer. This poem came to me in a guided imagery session on the vernal equinox of 1997. It was a life changing experience to see so vividly that I was going to heal from cancer. When I told this […]