The Truth About Vaccines

Last Friday, I heard a terrible story which reveals the truth about vaccines. A little five-year-old girl was required to be vaccinated with a series of five injections a few weeks ago. Her mother really didn’t want her to be vaccinated at all, but was forced to have them in order for her child to […]

A Story About Gandhi

This is a story about Gandhi. It came to me a while ago from my dharma brother, Paul Tingen. Read the story then take a look at what I have learned about sugar and cancer. A mother came to Gandhi and asked him: ‘Dear Gandhi, can you please tell my son not to eat sugar […]

10 Things You Need to Know About Breast Cancer

I came across this article on 10 things you need to know about breast cancer. Having been living with bladder cancer for almost 18 years now, I have heard about most of these before. In fact, they apply almost unchanged to just about any form of cancer. Just last week, I was notified that there […]

The Quest for The Cure Continues

The documentary series from The Truth About Cancer, The Quest for the Cure continues tonight at 9 PM EST. Please join me in watching it. You won’t be disappointed. Please watch the video and take a look at the sneak preview of the episodes that have been planned for this release. Episode 1: Modern Medicine […]